Give Your Baby The Sweetest Start

A Safe Environment Full Of Love, Care, Learning, And Discovery

Give Your Baby The Sweetest Start

A Safe Environment Full Of Love, Care, Learning, And Discovery

Infants & Toddlers | 9 Months - 2 Years | Serving Gardnerville, NV

Early Learning Starts With Caring Teachers

Prepare your baby for a world of learning with teachers who have vast experience and education to help introduce them to new concepts and give them a strong foundation for a solid education in the future.

High-Tech Check-In Keeps Your Baby Safe

Never worry about whether your baby is safe with a touchless check-in using the Procare© app and careful staff. You child benefits from safety measures that keeps your baby secure at all times.

Introduce Your Baby To A World Of Exploration

Your baby is steadily discovering the world around them. They get the space and time necessary to explore things like songs that keep them engaged and continuously learning. Individualized plans prepare them for a brighter future.

Math Concepts Become Concrete With Puzzles

Research shows that children who play with puzzles are better able to imagine what something would look like if it were changed, such as rotated or flipped. These spatial skills support children’s understanding of math.

Teachers’ Empathy Develops Key Social-Emotional Skills

Infancy is a great time to develop your baby’s social-emotional skills through acknowledging their feelings and teaching them to show love, affection, and care. They learn things like empathy so that they can prepare for a life full of healthy relationships.

Connection With Nature In A Large Outdoor Space

Your baby has time outside to take in the sun and get familiar with the natural elements around them. Increasing physical activity through outdoor movement helps with motor skill development and can improve your baby’s sleep patterns.

Feeding Options Keep Your Baby Healthy And Growing

Mothers have a private space with a screen for breastfeeding, giving them options to provide their child with food. When ready, your baby has a gentle introduction to food, helping prepare them for a healthy diet ahead.

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